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The hemp market is booming and many farmers are ready to catch the wave and start growing it for its various uses which are expansive. The best way to get in and growing fast is to use a reliable and proven transplanter. 

Hemp is a multi-faceted plant. The hemp plant fibers have many industrial uses in the manufacturing of paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, and biofuel. The hemp oil )(CBD) has the ability to help with many medical conditions including the possibility of reducing and/or controlling seizures and alleviating cancer-related symptoms. Food derived from the hep plant and seed is now becoming renowned as the new “Super Food”! Really? Yes, really!! Hemp foods are rich in protein and have all 10 essential amino acids, plus more vitamin benefits. Many states are passing laws to be able to grow it for certain uses.

It is now proven that the agronomic process for the production of CBD of high quality and degree of purity starts from a genetic selection of the plants that must be imperatively all female. The only way to avoid contamination is by transplanting seedlings a swell as mother plant clones. 

Ask anyone who has used our Checchi & Magli and they will tell you it is the Best Transplanter on the market even for clones/seedlings for industrial hemp.

  • Sets plants straight up
  • No slippage
  • Consistent plant-to-plant spacing
  • Better packing 
  • Better yield

We have transplanters for direct ground, for plastic and, also for NO-Till conditions.

For those who decide to take the hemp route, Checchi & Magli (C&M) already has a proven track record in this sector, especially in North America but not only. 

Trium- is the No. 1 carousel transplanter in the world, suitable for transplanting on bare ground, it is fast and precise at the same time. Available from 1-12 rows with rigid frame, hydraulic folding or towed. A NO-Till option is also available. 

The Wolf Pro- is instead the model designed for transplanting on plastic mulch, equipped for perforating cups that penetrate the ground, it leaves perfect holes in the plastic without dragging. It features a synchronized electronic system that waters the seedlings while transplaning. Available from 1-6 row. It can mount from 1-8 cups for a plant to plant spacing ranging fro 25-200 cm (10″- 80″). In addition, we can offer our Plastic Stop Plus plastic layers, from 1-3 rows with rigid or folding hydraulic frame. Ger started fast, get started right, with a C&M transplanter.

CBD HEMP transplanting with TRIUM model by C&M (Checchi & Magli) for direct ground


The Checchi & Magli company was founded in 1976 in Budrio in the province of Bologna where the headquarters and the 3 production plants are still present today; in 2006 a sales office was opened in the United States to shorten distances and provide ever more immediate support to the North American customers.

The company’s core business consists of the transplanter machines for vegetable, tobacco and nursery seedlings for which the company is world leader with an export amount that is steadily around 80% of the total turnover.
The range is completed with the potato cultivation and harvesting machines (potato planters, potato diggers and vibroridgers) from which the company originated, as well as plastic laying machines and bed making machines for cultivation on mulching film (strawberries, melons, watermelons etc…).

These factors of success and increasing popularity over the years are a serious trade policy, which has always taken the business to business line with reliable partners, extreme attention to detail and always an open ear to suggestions and to new requirements.

Checchi & Magli…made in Italy with Passion!!

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