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Central Vac Systems

Food, Plastic, Steel. One or more well planned Central Vac systems may be specified to manage larger facilities with multiple drops at convenient locations. Regardless of facility size, Walinga’s Central Vac is perfect for bulk transfer stations, steel mills, bakeries and food & chemical processing plants, anywhere you need to reclaim or manage bulk materials.

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Grain Vacs

PTO Grain Vacs The only system you’ll ever need. Gives one-person total grain-handling capability! Do it all with the Walinga Agri-Vac. Fill or empty any storage facility being used. The Walinga Agri-Vac puts an end to legs, augers, sweeps and shovels. Hemp grain and seed handling has never been simpler, safer or healthier.

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3510 Agri-Vac

Transfer just about anything with the 3510 Agri-Vac, Walinga’s proven, portable bulk transfer unit.  The 3510 Agri-Vac will clean out a pit when that grain legs decides to quit, it’s small but it’s mighty, moving corn up to 900 bu/hr (23 tonnes/hr)!

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The Walinga Grain-Cleaner is ideal for removing dust, ‘bees-wings’ and fines from your grain before storage and transporting to sale point. The Walinga Grain-Cleaner features a totally enclosed system to prevent the release of dust back into the air, the Grain-Cleaners heavy duty bristles and 10″ discharge auger ensure you receive a perfectly cleaned grain done at an exceptional rate of speed.

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Ultra-Veyor (Pneumatic Conveying)

The WALINGA ULTRA-VEYOR is the ultimate blow system for your hemp transferring needs. This system moves hemp with a special air system that can move your hemp safely. The largest hemp facilities have Walinga air systems. See how Walinga can help yours. Each system is custom built for your needs. Walinga products are available throughout North America. Contact our sales staff with your project information for a free quote.


“Building any body for anybody.” A mantra coined long ago by John Medemblik and Case Walinga, the founders of Walinga. They wanted people to know that there were different ways of doing things: that you no longer had to settle for the status quo. There was now a company building to customer specifications at a fair price and without compromise.

Built for generations by generations, Walinga bulk transportation equipment is built to last. Equipment designed for a hard day’s work, day in, day out, equipment that reliably shows up ready for work. No one is sure where the oldest hard working Walinga product is, but we know it’s had generations at its controls. It will be a simpler machine, it might show a few dings, some scuffs and time under a hot sun may see it a little faded. But know that when the latest generation walks up to a maintained Walinga product, it’s the farmhand they can trust.

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