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CBD Hemp Drying System

The Vulcan® Drying Systems CBD Hemp Dryer is custom-designed and manufactured to improve a customer’s individual drying needs. These drying systems consist of a correctly sized drum and a burner mounted in a concurrent configuration. Vulcan® Drying Systems Hemp Drying Systems are designed specifically to dry up to 10 tons per hour of hemp with an output moisture content between 10-12%.


Vulcan® Drying Systems’ experienced design engineers, control technicians, fabricators and operators make us a provider of quality recycling and drying equipment.

In the past decade, Vulcan® Drying Systems personnel have made this Midwestern company grow from a small regional company into an international leader in thermal processing and municipal recycling. Today, Vulcan® Drying Systems’ designed and built equipment serves customers on five continents and in more than 80 countries, using research and development to create customized thermal systems for a wide variety of processes. Vulcan® Drying Systems takes pride in providing a full range of service options custom tailored for each client, from testing and design to commissioning, training and maintenance support.

Vulcan® Drying Systems provides proven drying, calcining, incineration and thermal desorption systems to clients in many industries, including, but not limited to, oil and gas, municipal solid waste and effluent, agriculture feed and manure, and mining and chemical processing. Our highly qualified and experienced staff offers support for every phase of the process, resulting in a thorough and economic thermal solution.

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