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Einbock Aerostar

The Einbock Aerostar is our proven classic weeder. It has a very good weeding effect (70% of the success I weeding is done by covering and choking germinating weeds with topsoil). It has a perfect ground control through pivoting forks, sections hanging in chains and long tines.


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Einbock Chopstar

The hoeing machine in rear attachment version is equipped with an automatic top-steering. The steering wheels are guided by a mechanical connection with a high wheel-flange towards the slope. The hoe always runs right behind the tractor even at curvy operation. For slopes over 6%, this guidance system can additionally be equipped with hydraulic pre-steering.

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Einbock Row Guard

Mechanical weed control between the rows is always a sensitive issue: You have to find the right mix between operating speed and distance to the row. In order to avoid early fatigue of the tractor driver and to allow ideally that the soil profile is completely tilled (in conjunction with a fingerweeder), Einböck has developed the ROW-GUARD. The camera steering system guides row-crop cultivator with absolute precision, even at high speeds. The setting of the row configurations (row spacing, number of rows, etc.) is simply done from the tractor cab. The image is scanned to find the higher concentrations of green pixels relating to the crop rows and, using prior knowledge of the row configuration, overlay a matching grid onto the image. This information is then utilized to bring the equipment onto the exact row centers via a hydraulic side-shift. The system is used in various green crops, regardless of row spacing, number of rows, etc.

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Einbock Pneumatic Star

The Einböck PNEUMATICSTAR is an optimal machine for sowing-in, subsequent sowing and sowing-under. The basis for the PNEUMATICSTAR is the tined weeder “Grass Manager”, on which the pneumatic seeder PNEUMATICBOX is mounted. The 6- row tine weeder sections, equipped with 7/490 tines, prepare the soil surface and create a good condition for the germination of the pneumatically brought-out seeds.

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Einbock P-Box

Meeting the increasing demand, the arable farm land has to be healthy and fertile. To improve soil quality it is reasonable to keep it planted throughout the year. In many cases this is only possible by seeding intercrops.

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Einbock Aerostar Exact

Accurate, sensible and precise – these are the demands now placed on modern weeding technology – especially when working in special crops.

With the AEROSTAR-EXACT it is possible to weed row-crops (such as maize, soybean, sun flower, field bean etc.) already at the cotyledon stage (the row is already visible with the naked eye. This is made possible by the precise depth control and especially by the accurate setting
options of aggressiveness.

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Einbock Aerostar Rotation

The AEROSTAR-ROTATION is a rotative weeder with high flexibility in use. Rotating working tools disroot or spill weeds, encourage tilling and crack even hard soil crusts without any problems. The star wheels are mounted inclined, therefore the efficiency of weed control is more than respectable. Further those wheels are very insensitive to organic residues. That’s why this machine is perfectly suited for mulch-tillage. Even at low working speed as often required for sensitive crops, the AEROSTAR-ROTATION does a very effective work.

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Einbock Pneumatic Star Pro

For maintenance, reseeding or distribution of under sown crops, the Pneumaticstar-PRO is the ideal machine. The Pneumaticstar-PRO is the further development of the popular and tested Pneumaticstar. This machine has been specially designed for contractors, communities, big companies and for farms which have to work uneven pasture with large molehills. It can work even more aggressively, important when fighting rough stalked meadow grass or de-thatching. Many tines work and aerate the turf better and support tilling. Thinner tines, like the ones with 8mm, enter mats better when they are adjusted on “hold”. Valuable, deeper rooted grasses are not harmed.


We are one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery in Austria, located in Dorf an der Pram in the district of Schärding (Upper Austria). As an owner-managed family business, we have been producing specialised “niche products” since 1934. We are one of the pioneers in producing machines for grassland care and renewal, as well as in the sector of equipment for mechanical crop care for organic farming.

We manufacture our products exclusively in Dorf an der Pram, Upper Austria, on a production area of over 40,000 m² with a production depth of over 90%.

Over 80% of the machines manufactured here are exported.

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