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Mabre Cannabis Dryer

Drying Kilns for Cannabis and Hemp

With having combined decades of experienced years drying and curing tobacco, ginseng, and herbs compressed baled hay, wood – wood products and grain drying solutions, Mabre kilns have been re-designed specifically to dry “world- class” cannabis and hemp flower.

Handling and drying large amounts of product can be an overbearing task if the proper drying facility is not in place. Mabre kilns will save labor and drying costs with reduced energy consumption.

Mabre kilns have full galvanized aeration flooring with Mabre’s “dynamic pressure-flow adjustment” which is priority importance for a consistently dried and cured crop.

Mabre offers “mobile” kilns that are HVAC equipped on a flat deck with a generator, as well as the standard stationary unit.
We will totally customize a kiln to suit your harvest and handling practices.

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Odor Blocker

Odor is a big deal in some jurisdictions and with the amount of volume biomass in the kiln, it can emit a strong odor for some folks. Nuisance odor calls to municipalities can result in hefty fines or worse. Mabre is pleased to use Cannabusters – odor stopper which is the most economical and efficient product on the market for high volume odors. Cannabusters oxidizes odor totally and does not mask-like most products on the market.


Who We Are

Cannabusters – the Odor Stopper’s entry into the cannabis industry is backed by years of scientific testing and real-world application, with track record of success stories. If odor is a problem, Cannabusters is the solution!

What We Do

In a phrase – Oxidative Odor Elimination! Our patented chemistry activates free iodine (I2), which oxidizes or dismantles every organic molecule upon contact in an airstream. The result? No odor, no odor complaints and no regulatory scrutiny, which frees you to focus on your business! Our deep experience in Municipal Solid Waste, Wastewater Treatment, Food Waste, Medical Waste, Composting and Rendering combine to bring you peace of mind about odor at your cannabis cultivation or processing facility.

Cannabusters –Terpenes are a Volatile Organic Compound, (VOC), and VOC’s add to Greenhouse Gases, which destroy our ozone layer. And unlike fragrance-based products, Cannabusters adds no VOC’s to the ambient air.

Cannabusters – the Odor Stopper oxidizes and eliminates odorous compounds like terpenes, terpenoids, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, and sulfur dioxide. Multiple FDA level 3rd party tests demonstrate Cannabusters’ safety to people, pets, plants and the planet! The resulting product is an effective, gentle oxidizing agent that effectively eliminates ALL organic odorous compounds.

Mabre is proud to present it’s products to the North American market.

​Mabre is an Italian company that has always worked hard on the way of innovation and improvement of its products for over 40 years. Thanks to the constant attention paid to the feedback and the reaction from customers all over the world. Mabre is able to meet the most different technical requirements due to the most different climatic and environmental conditions in which its products were used.

Use of the best materials available on the world market, extensive automation in the component production, quality control in all phases of the manufacturing process with final testing of our products’ performance, make Mabre a brand that guarantees high and constant quality and reliability.

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