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Bio Dynamic

New range of equipment for fast mechanical weeding (up to 15km/h) composed of Bio-Disc, which breaks the ground, and Bio-Star in different sizes, for inter-row work. The frame is available in a rear and front version.

SuperCleanCut™ | Bish Enterprises

Bio Dynamic Duo

New range of equipment for fast mechanical weeding (up to 15 km/h) composed of Bio-Disc, which breaks the ground, and Bio-Star in different sizes, for inter-row work. The double frame allows to work on both sides of the row. Available in rear and front versions.

The new Bio-Dynamic product line is designed for fast weeding with working speed up to 12 km/h. The Bio-Dynamic products have two characteristic features: The Bio-Disc tills the soil and moves it towards the plants, the fingers of the Bio-Star work the soil between the plants.

The history of Rinieri’s family has begun in 1920 in Predappio, when Olinto Rinieri started the profession of blacksmith: a licence dated in 1922 is jealously preserved in the factory.

In 1944 the small workshop was turned into a factory by Ambrogio Rinieri, ensuring the tradition of the family.
From the beginning the company has been characterized by a strong family nature and a deep feeling of belonging, passing from father to son.

In 1945 the wife Augusta Zanetti joined Ambrogio Rinieri. After the Second World War in Italy there was a huge need of mechanization and Rinieri became involved in the requirements of that time.
In 1967 the company moved to Forlì. The next year, while the factory was not yet completed, Ambrogio died and Augusta, mother of four children, was left alone at the head of the company with 14 workers.
In those years the effort of her two brothers: Romano e Gino Zanetti, was very important. In 1973her daughter and son Margherita and Carlo Rinieri and her son in law Fabrizio Tassinari became part of the company.

In 1978 the company became “sas” and during the big agricultural crisis in the 80’s, it enlarged its production including shelving for industrial warehousing. In 1990 Mrs. Zanetti left the company to the “young people”. Ten years later Rinieri sas became Rinieri srl and the production was concentrated on equipment for vineyards and orchards increasing the range of products. A few years later Rinieri introduced new types of machinery for road maintenance and soil working.
2010 the company celebrated his 90th Anniversary with dealers, coming from five continents, and friends.

At present we produce a range of 70 machines with more than 250 models which we develop in our design department using cad3D and engineering calculations and manufacture all of them inside our factory.

Today we are 50 workers, we own 25.000 m² of land (10.000 of buildings) and we produce and sell 1700 machines every year, but we aim for growing, keeping the genuine “ Made in Italy” policy.


Cost-effectiveness and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. This is shown by the company which in 2009 renewed the painting plant with ecological water based paint and included a high efficiency drying oven.
In 2010 with the objective of minimal environmental impact, the company installed on the roofs of the factory a 196kW photovoltaic system that every year produces 50% of the energy required for productive activities.

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