Grant to Aid Development in Hemp Harvesting Solutions

GILTNER, NE — On December 19, 2021, Bish Enterprises was approved for a grant valued at $80,000 in funds to aid in the development of a new innovative product called the FiberCut™, a hemp stalk multi-tier sickle mower. Funding for this project was provided by Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Program (NIF) from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. The scope of this project is to develop an original full-scale model of the product, complete one study, and report examining the feasibility of commercializing the product.

In order to run consistently, processing facilities will soon require thousands of acres containing hemp grain and fiber. “…there are no other harvesting methods that keep the fiber in as high of quality as we are able to preserve with our harvesting method,” stated Jacob Bish, Executive of Bish Enterprises and Hemp Harvest Works. The NIF grant will allow Bish Enterprises to continue to provide producers access to new harvesting technology which will give them more confidence when considering introducing a new crop into their rotation.

“Our products have the ability to support the hemp grain/fiber industry infrastructure which allows for processing growth, leading for processing facility opportunities in Nebraska which can drive further revenue for the state”, stated Andrew Bish, COO of Bish Enterprises and Founder of Hemp Harvest Works.

The progress of the NIF grant is 95% complete in the engineering stage. In May, FiberCut™ fabrication is expected to begin, and testing of the final product is scheduled to begin the first week of June. Multiple machines are expected to be available for use in the 2022 harvest season.

Bish Enterprises is a harvest technology company that specializes in agriculture engineering and manufacturing, providing innovative & high-quality agricultural products to farmers and harvesters that help feed America. Hemp Harvest Works is a strategic partner company of Bish & specializes in providing a complete solution for hemp producers through equipment sales and other ancillary items necessary to help growers succeed. Bish Enterprises is a family-owned company, founded in 1976.


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